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Covis is an agency dedicated to design and communication in various formats, with a distinctive concept: understanding clients from their point of view. From its base in Argentina, Covis has transcended its own borders, to provide communicational services to clients around the world.

For us, customers are the foundation of success and growth. Therefore, we put at your disposal all the tools, technology and knowledge necessary to achieve your particular goals. We abide by a schematic production process, never to fail in our responsibility.


A number of specialized professionals collaborate at Covis to develop multidisciplinary work. Seeking to respond to the demands of our clients, we have audiovisual communicators, programmers, network specialists, advertisers, web and graphic designers.


Our services

With all these products and services we can help your company achieve its goals


We develop and implement the solutions that best suit your needs and differentiate you from your competitors. We take care of creating pages with aesthetic coherence, based on web standards, easy to use, interactive, adapted to the needs of the client and the consumer.


We create virtual stores where we combine functional design and the best programming to generate sites where you can enhance your brand image, your relationship with customers and mainly improve your sales.


Through aesthetic and market analysis, we create graphic pieces with creativity and functionality, creating an emotional connection between the consumer, the brand and the product, managing to improve both the brand image and the commercial objectives.


We create brands that bring your products and services closer to your audience, with a memorable, readable and lasting message, developing a foundation for your new company or reinforcing an existing brand.


We create, manage, transform and grow your company's social networks from strategic planning and creative development. Achieving a better brand image, better sales, target audience, and more.


Monthly COVIS hours at your disposal, take advantage of your resources where they are most effective, we are your collaborators without salaries, social charges and without conflicts, the agency at the service of your company.

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