Yasuto’s photos of his grandmother

Yasuto’s photos of his grandmother
22 June, 2020 Photography

It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words and, precisely this is what the images of the photographer Yasuto do, who has captured in a series of photographs the endearing charm that his grandmother gives off and the love he feels for her.

Yasuto published on his twitter account the photographic work he did on his grandmother, also explaining the reason that motivated him to take these photographs. She says that it occurred to her when she saw a photograph of her grandfather and when she regretted that he had not been able to take photographs of her before she died, she did not want to miss the opportunity to do it with her grandmother.

The photographer’s grandmother in each image is accompanied by her dog and surrounded by a hopelessly beautiful Japanese nature.

Beautiful hydrangeas, golden trees in the middle of autumn, cherry blossoms, fields full of bright white, pink and red flowers, and peaceful parks where you can sit under a huge tree.

This series of images photographed by Yasuto not only reveal the beauty of the environment and the kind nature of her grandmother, but also shows the close bond that she has with her dog, who always appears at her side, while her mistress looks at him with happiness. . With all these elements at stake it could be said that the Yasuto series celebrates the joy of life no matter how old it is.

The photographer Yasuto’s work gives off emotion for several reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that the main motif, protagonist in the images, is a being as loved as a grandmother can be. The photographer’s love is palpable, as is her love for her dog. In addition, the colorful environment of Japan’s delicate nature, at different times of the year, help to give each image a very special and endearing halo.

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