Logos affected by Coronavirus and quarantine

Logos affected by Coronavirus and quarantine
22 June, 2020 Brand design, Design

Confinement and free time locked between four walls not only sparks people’s creativity to create memes or designs to fight COVID-19, but also makes restless minds come up with things like modifying logos more known to give them a thematic touch related to the most current and universal news of the moment that unites us to all humanity: the Coronavirus.

This is the case of the Slovenian designer Jure Tovrljan, who has decided to bring a little humor to this situation by designing with this series of redesigned well-known logos.

Thus, the mermaid of the Starbucks logo appears with a mask; Jerry West’s silhouette of the NBA logo is lying next to a laptop to make quarantine time more enjoyable; the Nike logo changes its slogan to encourage people not to leave their homes; the Master Card logo and the rings of the Olympic Games appear separately evoking the recommendation to maintain a distance between people to avoid the spread of the virus; or the Corona beer logo changes its text imploring the need to find another naming.

Modifying known brands and playing with the concepts and values ​​they are related to is a fairly recurring graphic exercise. The fact that these brands have a clear position in the viewer’s mind helps the designer who proposes the graphic game to create a conversation with the public, usually in a humorous tone.

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