Color theory: the commented sheets

Color theory: the commented sheets
22 June, 2020 Design

The publishing house Gustavo Gili recovers one of the most important scientific treatises on color theory of all time, which derives from the extraordinary effort of Goethe (1749-1832), its author, to analyze with maximum precision and understand the chromatic ingredient. The book collects the plates with which the scientist and writer illustrated his theory more than two centuries ago and the comments that accompanied each of these pieces.

Ultimately, it is a fantastic reissue of Goethe’s exciting scientific journey that shows his obstinate determination to scientifically eviscerate the chromatic phenomenon and that shows the amazing meticulousness of his research process. The publication is completed with an epilogue by Jürgen Teller that tries to get closer to Goethe’s personality, life and work, and that shows his “almost biological obsession” on this aspect.

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